About the Author

Peter N. Névraumont

Peter N. Névraumont has worked at jobs as varied as a copyboy for New York’s Daily News and an assistant producer at Universal Pictures. In between and beyond, he was a reporter for Women’s Ware Daily (now W); an editor at Macmillan when it still published such luminaries as William Yeats and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; managing editor of the Columbia University Forum; national director of advertising and publicity at Films Incorporated; vice president of Ruby Street stationary; and publisher at Névraumont Publishing Company which over the last decade has packaged thirty illustrated natural history book written by world-class scientists and produced to art hook standards. He is an accomplished writer, skilled editor, dogged researcher, and multi-award winning art director.

All these talents and experiences have come together and been applied to writing and producing The Sacred Heart of Jesus: A Visual History. The book is a result of a lifetime of fascination and devotion to this mystical symbol.

In an attempt to present a comprehensive account of the Sacred Heart, he has researched museums, libraries, universities, Church archives, and private collections in Europe, North and South America, and Africa for rare and revealing art featuring this symbol. He has sought the consult of the world’s leading scholars of the history of and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With its extensive bibliography, chronology of the history of Sacred Heart, lists of every Sacred Heart church and school in North America, links to Sacred Heart organizations and artist, and unparalleled sequence of Sacred Heart images from the 1st century to the present, the book will be the most comprehensive presentation of the subject ever published.

Of French-Belgian ancestry, he traces his lineage to the Merovingian Dynasty through Chlotar I.