The Sacred Heart of Jesus: A Visual History is a book in progress. When completed it will feature over 100 images of the Sacred Heart from 100 A.D. to the present; explanatory commentary about each image; information on over 500 books about the Sacred Heart; directories of Sacred Heart churches and schools in North America; essays on the symbol, devotion, and evolution of the Sacred Heart; a chronology; a compilation of every verse in the Bible that mentions the word “heart”; and a guide to calculating the Sacred Heart Feast Day.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus: A Visual History


A Visual History

What you will find on this comprehensive website devoted
to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  • Sacred Heart Art from the 1st century to the present. EIGHTEEN NEW MORE TO COME! [click here]

  • Information on 552 books on the Sacred Heart. [click here]

  • Links to over 60 Sacred Heart websites. [click here]

  • A directory of 1,100 Sacred Heart churches in North America. [click here]

  • NEW Sacred Heart Church Vintage Postcards. [click here]

  • A directory of 150 Sacred Heart schools in North America. [click here]

  • All 879 verses in the Old and New Testament that mention “heart.” [click here]

  • Essays on:
    The Archetypal Heart [click here]
    History of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart [click here]
    The Evolution of Sacred Heart Imagery [click here]

  • How to calculate the Sacred Heart Feast Day. [click here]

  • History of the Sacred Heart. [click here]


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